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What is Friendship Partner Program?
Friendship Partner Program helps to connect Americans with international students. Since most internationals are very far away from their home, International Friendship Ministries (IFM) tries to find you a home-away-from home (not a live-in situation). Through the Friendship Partner Program, an American family or a single person adopts an international student/family as friends. These American Friendship Partners try to include you in some of their family activities, helping you adjust to life in America, and giving you practical help such as taking you shopping for food (when possible). Most importantly, they will be a special friend to you while you are far away from your home country and relatives.

Can my Friendship Partner help me with my English?
Yes, they will be glad to help you with your English. They do not conduct classes to teach you English. But they help by having conversations with you on a regular basis. Having more opportunities to speak English helps you to be more confident with the language and will definitely help you to improve your ability in the language. Your Friendship Partner would also be willing to correct your use of English.

Do I have to pay for this service?
No, this service is free. These Americans understand your situation in a foreign country and want to help you to adjust to life in America.

How can I sign-up for a Friendship Partner?                   [Click here to Sign-up]
You can sign-up for a Friendship Partner online. Complete the form below and submit it. You will be contacted soon by IFM to inform you who your friendship partner is. Your friendship partner will also contact you and arrange for a time and a place to meet with you for the first time. After you first meeting you and your friendship partner can decide how often to meet together.

I have questions about this program?
If you have any questions, please call Elan Rajamani at 325-9047 or email him at . I would gladly answer any questions you have.



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