International Friendship Ministries


Friendship Partner Program
Friendship Partner Program helps to connect Americans with international students. Since most internationals are very far away from their home, International Friendship Ministries (IFM) tries to find you a home-away-from home (not a live-in situation). Through the Friendship Partner Program, an American family or a single person adopts an international student/family as friends. These American Friendship Partners try to include you in some of their family activities, helping you adjust to life in America, and giving you practical help such as taking you shopping for food (when possible). Most importantly, they will be a special friend to you while you are far away from your home country and relatives. [More Info]

Free Ads for Internationals
Free Ads for Internationals is a service for all international students where they can post ads for free. If you want to place a free ad in IFM's website and/or have the ad send out to international students in our email list, please contact Elan Rajamani at . You can place an ad about anything as long as it is legal. Roommate wanted, sale of books, furniture, etc are welcome. This is a free service to all international students, scholars and their families. [Check the ads]

Airport Pickup

IFM will be glad to pick you up from the airport when you first arrive to the United States. We'll pick you at the Indianapolis Airport (IND) and take you to your residence hall or campus/off-campus apartment. Contact Elan Rajamani at 812-325-9047 or email if you need airport pickup.

Shopping Rides

Don't have to lug heavy shopping bags on the bus. IFM provides a weekly shopping trip for international students. We will take students to Kroger, Aldi, and Saraga Oriental Market. Pickup will be at Eigemann Hall. Students will be taken back to their apartments after the trip.  [More Info]

Free Furniture
IFM will be glad to provide free furniture to international students when available. All furniture will be delivered to your doorstep. Contact Elan Rajamani at 812-325-9047 or email and let us know what you need.


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